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designer_replica Cartier w10184u2 watch Throughout time diamond jewellery has been the ultimate symbol of love, romance, power and elegance, *** it the perfect gift for someone you love. Unlike any other gift you might consider, diamonds represent the deepest of emotions for the one you love. No matter how young or old, a diamond never fails to bring a smile to that special persons face. They are a perfect way to show your love and care, be it for any occasion – anniversary, birthday or graduation. When choosing diamond jewellery, you can be swept away in the luxury and romance of this precious jewel. Diamonds are the most desired of all the precious gemstones. They are the rarest and most valuable gemstone, with a reputation based on fire and brilliance. When it comes to selecting the appropriate diamond jewellery for specific occasions, it can be quite difficult to narrow down your options. A dazzling diamond pendant, diamond earrings or bracelet can be presented to someone for a birthday, or the birth of a child as it represents appreciation. A diamond necklace is always a safe option, as they can be the epitome of elegance. Diamonds have an intrinsically versatile nature; you can pair them with almost every kind of wardrobe, *** them a perfect gift. Diamond designer_replica Cartier w10184u2 watch can be matched with different stones or materials with their beauty standing out and complementing whatever is paired. When buying diamonds, be sure to look for the diamonds cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. Also insure that you receive a certificate of authenticity when you purchase your diamond jewellery. People are always looking for original and unique ways to demonstrate their love to that special someone in their lives. When it comes to gift buying for your loved one, there is no better way to show your appreciation, than thorough the timelessness of diamond jewellery.Anania are a Jewellers based in Sydney who specialise in a wide range of designer_replica Cartier w10184u2 watch.

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The decision to buy a designer_replica Omega 1841.76.61 watch is straightforward. Titanium rings are more long-lasting than gold. They are a lot lighter than gold or platinum. Titanium will not react with human tissue; that is, it hypoallergenic. Lastly, titanium will not react with most common caustic substances, so it will keep it appearance for a long time and last a lifetime.Here are a few of the choices for titanium rings: No Inlay or InlayOwing to the strength of titanium, it is an idyllic ring material to make a ring with inlays. Skilled titanium ring artisans have these days made dazzling rings with gold, silver, exotic hardwood, mineral and gemstone inlays. These rings tend to be a little more expensive than the titanium bands with no inlays, but for those who want a truly fabulous and unique ring, they should be considered. Titanium rings with inlays can be less a little less resilient to ocean water and common chemicals, so proper care should be taken when wearing a ring with an inlay.Ring ShapeMany people who are adverse to wearing rings are that way since they have never had a ring that was relaxing to wear. Almost without exception, these people will wear a titanium ring with what is called a ;comfort fit; shape. A comfort fit shape rounds the edges of the ring so there are no rigid points of contact on the perimeter of the ring and the finger. The other option is a flat shape.designer_replica Omega 1841.76.61 watch This is where the ring is not rounded on the corners. Generally people recently find the round profile/comfort fit the best option.Titanium Band FinishesThere are four major titanium ring finishes: 1) polished, 2) matte, 3)brushed, and 4)hammered. As you would expect a polished finish is the shiniest and most reflective. It also the most eye-catching. Brushed titanium bands are more subdued and much less reflective, often appearing the color of steel.. Matte finish titanium rings are the most long-lasting in terms of maintaining the initial color and finish. Matte finishes, like brushed finishes, frequently have the color of steel designer_replica Omega 1841.76.61 watch.

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designer_replica Bedat 308.011.100 Ladie's watch could be anything but *** when trying to find the right gift for our loved ones. Bombarding by advertisers using catchy songs and flashy models, we can be tempted to buy the latest craze. Although such gifts are sold at nearly every major department store in town, this means that everyone will have one.In a couple of months, the thrill will be gone to the gift will be tossed to the back of a closet somewhere. In a couple of years, the gift the advertisers had once convinced us to buy will end in a garage sale where the person might get 10 percent of what the item cost when new. Such is the fate of all those ;must have; gifts.Jewelry, on the other hand, is one of the oldest art forms known to people and has been used by people for thousands of years. By its very nature, jewelry is a far more personalized gift and one that conveys a sense of intimacy between the giver and receiver. And while thousands, or even millions, may receive fashion designer_replica Bedat 308.011.100 Ladie's watch as a gift this holiday season, no two pieces will be the same and so each will be a unique treasure for those lucky enough to be given fashion jewelry as a present.One of the biggest obstacles to face when trying to find a gift for someone at a department store or mall is that everything seems to be made with a ;one-size-fits-all; mentality. If you are lucky, the item that you are interested in may come in a different color or slightly different style. Usually, however, you are stuck with whatever style and pattern that the manufacturer thought would be popular with the biggest number of people. Marketing for such ;must-have; items is more about statistics and profits than about concern for customer satisfaction.Nevertheless jewelry, well fashion jewelry is just different. When the time is right for two people, jewelry is what symbolizes the love of that couple. The holidays are a popular time for men to propose to the women they love. While diamond wedding and engagement bands are always going to cost quite a bit of money, a person can save 25% or more off retail price by shopping online designer_replica Bedat 308.011.100 Ladie's watch.

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designer_replica Jaeger LeCoultre 294.86.01 watch When getting dressed, whether it for a typical day at the office, a gathering with friends, a hot date or a special event, it important to pay attention to the small details that go into creating your look. The perfect hair and makeup can make or break an outfit. Especially in this season of statement necklaces and bold accessory choices, designer_replica Jaeger LeCoultre 294.86.01 watch important to know what necklaces will look best with the rest of your look. Here, we take a look at the best necklaces to go with your makeup style. Neutral and Ethereal – The dewy makeup look is favored by many women. With glowing skin, bronzed cheekbones and rosy cheeks, less is more for this au natural type of makeup. The necklaces that go best with this pretty make-up are those that are chic and effortless. Long multi-strand layers create a romantic vibe, while short pendant necklaces give off a no fuss easy-going mentality. Bold and Colorful – With a resurgence of 80s trends like bright pink lipstick and blue eye shadow, bold makeup is back in the hot seat and bold necklaces should follow up. If you’re looking to wear statement necklaces, choose those that have dark stones or muted metals to keep the look fun buy not over the top. Or, go for a bold eye and necklaces like chokers or mid length large pendants. These create a good balance. Classic and Glamorous – A tribute to old Hollywood glamour, the red lip and the smoky eye will never go out of style. To keep with the theme of your look, choose necklaces that will accentuate your best assets and allow you to put your best chic foot forward. Safe choices here include necklaces that are art deco or vintage inspired. If you’re on a budget, check out Cubic Zirconia necklaces that pack a punch, but won’t cost you an arm and a leg.Fine me more at my blog Jewelry Style, and if you are a big fan of fabulous necklaces and cubic zirconia jewelry you could land on the blog to find what you want designer_replica Jaeger LeCoultre 294.86.01 watch.


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DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3928 are the ultimate way to show your commitment and love towards your partner. But if you have never purchased any form of jewellery in your life and buying engagement ring for the first time then it is possible that you may get confuse. Here are few tips on how to select a perfect engagement ring for your beloved.Firstly you must set your budget before buying your engagement ring. As we all know that buying a perfect engagement ring means two month salary but if your budget is low then you can surely find best cheap engagement rings for your beloved. All you have to do is little research. There are many ways through which you can buy engagement rings for cheap prices.The best way to buy cheap engagement rings is design your own DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3928. There are many online jewellery stores give you the option of design your own ring. You can take the advantage of this option and can design your ring in your own unique way. In designing your own ring you can select the metal of your ring according to your budget and your partner preference. And you can also select the gem according to your budget. Always remember that if your budget is low then you must never select diamond for your engagement ring. Today the choices are not only limited to diamond but you have plenty of options such as pearl engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, emerald engagement rings and ruby engagement rings. But in case if you want to present a diamond only then there are many synthetic diamond which are best alternative for the real diamond and the best part is that these stones are less expensive than diamond.Moissanite: Moissanite engagement rings are becoming very popular especially among those couples who want to save money and the reason of its popularity is that you can not differentiate this mineral from the real diamond.Cubic Zirconia: DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3928 is one of the best alternatives for real diamonds and is also very affordable. You can find this stone in wide variety of colours. And the best part is that it is heavier than real diamonds and is flawless. Diamond Nexus: It is a new stone in the market and you can mainly find it in U.S. But if you will compare it with cubic zirconia then it will costs more.Another one of the best and most practical way to buy engagement rings for cheap prices is by browsing online jewellery stores. By browsing online diamond jewellery stores you can find that the prices of engagement ring are very affordable compare to local jewellery stores. And the main reason of offering the ring at low prices is that they do have to pay low overheads and operational cost DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3928.

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DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3916 If you are looking to buy a good present intended for that special someone in your life, you could decide to look at getting a pair of chandelier earrings. This particular type of jewelry is becoming popular recently with stars as well as models showing off the modern variations on the red carpet and at other celebrity filled events. Youll be able to obtain a wonderful selection of earrings in various shades and measurements which will match any woman of every age whatever the special occasion is.There can sometimes be specific things that you will need to think about while youre choosing the right pair of chandelier earrings. One of the many factors to think about is going to be the money you really can afford to use. When you have accepted that you would like to find some sort of jewelry as a thoughtful gift idea, you should try to consider long and hard about the amount of money you will find yourself prepared and willing to spend. You could be pleasantly surprised that such a big variety of choice is to be had.DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3916 Try not to let this factor overwhelm you during your decision *** process.If you contemplate your entire budget for a second, this might help to decrease the quantity of products that will be open to you. If you wish to only use a small amount of cash, you will naturally understand that a lot of the jewels like genuine pearl jewelry or maybe real diamonds are probably not in reach for you at this point. In spite of this factor, this will still leave you with some nice possibilities.There are some great chandelier earrings on offer for a little as 20 dollars per pair. They are simply constructed and made with materials that look similar to the real jewels. You can easily still get an incredible gift but for a lot less money. A good starting point when looking to buy discounted chandelier earrings is over the internet. You will see plenty of earrings of all shapes, sizes and designs that happen to be very affordable. Compare and contrast exactly what you see and you are sure to make the best choice.A pair of chandelier earrings would make a fantastic gift idea DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3916.

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DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3890 The gold market has been quite volatile in recent months due to the current economical situation. A couple of years back when there was a huge speculation to buy gold as a form of investment, many people felt that it would not be worth the wait. Those that went ahead with the investment now beg to differ as some people are expecting returns of up to 200%. For this reason, there has been a lot of emphasis given on cash for gold prices. Seeing that many people are know to have quite a lot of gold to sell, the places that offer cash for gold prices are expecting to see quite a lot of business in the next few months.If you are investor or someone that is looking for cash for gold prices, it is important that you keep a few things in mind. What you have to realise about cash for gold prices is that the rate at which most outlets will buy your gold will vary quite dramatically. Even though there is a specific guideline to be used in terms of cash for gold prices, there are only a few places that actually use it. If you are planning to sell your gold then most probably you will be thinking to get cash for gold prices from a well known DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3890. If this is the case, you could see your self losing up to $500 per gram of gold that you sold. Most of the jewellers that do offer the service of cash for gold prices are known to offer a much lower rate in comparison to what the market rate is. Seeing that many people are not aware that a gold financial market exists in the first place, many jewellers are able to buy gold from the consumer at what ever rate desired. Like every other commodity on this earth, gold is also known to have its very own ;stock; market which is updated on a timely basis. The cash for gold prices that are found in the gold market will vary every second depending on the circumstances surrounding it. The rates of cash for gold prices that are found in the market are much higher in terms of what any jeweller would have to offer.For this reason, it is advised that if you are looking for cash for gold prices that you look for an online broker. One that is quite popular for offering the highest cash for gold prices online is Silver and Gold Exchange. The great thing about this website in particular is the fact that they are one of the only few online brokers that are accredited by the BBB. For those that are unaware, the BBB is one of the most recognised secured platforms available online. If you want to get a better idea of the type of service that Silver and Gold Exchange have to offer, simply visit their website to read their customer reviews.As a writer dedicated to covering scams, ripoffs, and unscrupulous companies, Nancy found a diamond in the rough. In an industry riddled with terrible companies, Nancy found one that actually is completely legitimate, honest, and really great to work with DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3890.

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DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3888 has been a well known commodity for hundreds of years. Sterling silver is reasonably priced and still delivers much of the luster offered by metals like gold and platinum. The large variety of sterling silver jewelry calls for specific know-how in order to choose the right piece as well as ensure that it stays in fine quality as long as possible.How do I clean sterling silver jewelry? That depends. The best way of cleaning sterling silver jewelry is to use a jewelry cloth. Massaging sterling silver with *** towels or some other tough su***ces would damage the finish and destroy the shine. If your sterling silver isnt plated with some other precious metals it is fine to make use of a silver dip to wash the su***ce. Cleaning using a silver dip is straightforward.DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3888 All you need to do is leave your jewelry within the dip for approximately 25 seconds to a minute and then rinse the item off using water. Ensure the silver jewelry is not plated along with any other metal prior to using the silver-dip or the plating will likely be damaged.It is crucial to place sterling silver jewelry properly when it is not used. An excellent place to keep sterling silver jewelry is cool and away from sunlight. Heat together with lighting will change a silver jewelry yellowish and make it tarnish fairly quickly. If you expect to not wear a particular piece for some time, put it 1nside a air-tight pouch and also store it in a cabinet.As opposed to gold and platinum, 100 % pure silver is actually relatively unstable and oxides quickly. Therefore, silver jewelry is often plated together with some other metal to safeguard it from tarnishing. These types of metals are either nickel or rhodium. Rhodium is definitely a superior quality finished look. It is more expensive compared to nickel and provides far better protection to the actual silver. Rhodium is also applied to plate white gold and platinum. However, some silver jewelry is not plated. Sometimes silver is actually purposely oxidized to present it an more matured appearance.The purity of sterling silver refers to 92.5% of silver contained in the alloy. A lab can test the purity of the metal, in order to ensure it really is authentic. A ‘925′ stamp is now used to indicate that the piece is, in reality, .925 sterling silver.Engraving sterling silver can be achieved as a result of silver ductility and rather low melting point. However, ensure that your jeweler is aware of the task of refinishing the ring and that they possess the required machines to do so. Not all jewelers have the particular tools to re-coat the rhodium plating upon cutting and welding the ring. Additionally, rings set having stones are sometimes not re-sizable due to the fact resizing could result in the gemstones to pop out. It is common among the channel and even invisible settings.Lisa Cooper is an renowned fashion expert within the industry DKNY Women's Crystal Collection watch #NY3888.


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Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic Mens Watch PAM00049 can be said that bangles jewellery pieces are the little black dress of jewellery and accessories – they can be worn with almost anything and to almost any occasion, thus saving you from a dire fashion dilemma. If you cannot figure out what to wear that is dressy enough, just put something on and accessorise it with charm bracelets or silver bangles. Your bangles jewellery will make you look classy for work, for a date, or even for a casual outing with your friends.How can you take advantage of the versatility of bangles and bracelets to dress up your outfit whenever you have the need for it? Here are some tips that can help you along.Matching Your Bangles Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic Mens Watch PAM00049 with Your ClothesThere is really no set guideline or rule when it comes to which bracelet or bangle goes with a certain outfit. You only have to see what looks good on you whilst taking care not to wear too many. The good thing about bangles and bracelets is that they come in different shapes and styles, so you can play with them to see what fits you the best.For instance, if you are going to an important meeting wearing a dark suit and you want to impress your colleagues and superiors, you can wear one or two gold bangles around your wrist. You can complement the bangles with a pair of *** gold earrings or a gold brooch on the lapel of your blazer. In this way, you will not look too severe in your dark suit.On the other hand, if you are going to a date wearing a sleeveless dress with a ruffled skirt, you will want to match the femininity exuded by the dress with truly feminine charm bracelets or a bracelet done in the style of Celtic jewellery. Really fanciful charm bracelets with charms made of semi-precious stones will complement the style of the dress and give your date the impression that you are a person who is fun to be with.Matching the Bangles Jewellery with the OccasionAs versatile as bangles and bracelets are, there are styles of bangles and bracelets that are good to wear to certain occasions whilst there are styles that will make you look over- or underdressed. Again, Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic Mens Watch PAM00049 is a matter of having a feel for what is good for you and avoiding the temptation to overload your outfit with jewellery.For example, one or two gold bangles are enough if you are going to work and wearing a suit. Many companies enforce a strict dress code and frown upon employees who wear too much jewellery. Besides, more than two bangles with a dark suit can sometimes look tacky and crass instead of stylish.On the other hand, a night out clubbing or a party is another story. For that, you should put on shiny things like gold bangles to make you look awesome and to put you in a party mood. Still, you should take care not to wear too much because being overdressed can make you look tacky too.If you find yourself in a fashion emergency, with no clue what to wear to make your outfit look dressy and stylish, all you need to do is to put on your bangles jewellery. They can go with any outfit and you can look great with them without seeming like you put a lot of effort into it.Karoline Watson has been involved in gold bangles for many years. This article outlines some of the qualities found in the Ola Gorie range of charm bracelet Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic Mens Watch PAM00049.

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Panerai Luminor GMT Mens Watch PAM00244 King of all the purest of pure gemstones, the diamond stone is always in vogue among all the jewellery lovers around the globe. Any piece of jewellery which is studded with diamonds need no explanation about its beauty, grace and grandeur, because the shimmering stone shows it all. Diamond denotes love, royalty and passion and the same reflects in the jewellery adorned with diamonds. You have to wear it …to feel it.Exotic diamond jewellery collections are lavishly exhibited in the elegant jewellery stores which are tough to be resisted, especially by a person who loves jewellery crafted out of diamonds.Diamond jewellery collections comprise of several beautiful pieces of jewellery such as elegant earrings, gorgeous necklaces, magnificent bracelets, and the variety never ends, neither in design, nor in style. Then there are auspicious and gorgeous bridal Panerai Luminor GMT Mens Watch PAM00244 sets for those angelic ladies for their ‘that especial day. There are wedding anniversary diamond jewellery collection, Valentine Day collection, Mother Day collection and other collections catering you in your gift items. You will find all the different range according to your choice, taste and budget. There are those patterns which are not very heavy, and then there are those products which are very heavy as well as ornamental in style. There are those diamond jewellery collections which can be flaunted on almost all especial occasions and there are such collections which can be worn only in certain royal parties.There are markets, especially in Dubai, which are heavily loaded with diamond jewellery stores. You definitely get confused in the immense and extensive diamond jewellery collections displayed on their counters. But you are sure to come out with some amazing diamond jewellery ready to please you whenever and wherever you wear it. There are jewellery collections for all the ages. You will find very pretty and cute jewellery pieces for your kids, then there are very fashionable and stylish jewellery collections for young people and for elderly people there are very decent and sobre jewellery collections. The price range varies from the least amount to the largest amount which very well serves all the cadres of the society.Very beautifully cut diamonds like emerald cut, round cut, princess cut, etc. set neatly in the precious metal such as white gold or yellow gold flaunting different diamond settings like prong setting, bezel setting, pave setting etc.. All these details make the piece of jewellery look stunning and perfect.Diamonds are forever, so are diamond jewellery collections. Celebrate with diamonds with your dear ones and see the shimmers everywhere around you.Dharmesh is webmaster of Samra jewellery and deals in online shopping in Dubai. Here you can get information on Diamond Jewellery, Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Jewelry and many more Panerai Luminor GMT Mens Watch PAM00244.

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A Panerai Luminor Base Mens Watch PAM00000 is a strange possession really. How several times have you gone a day with out your wrist watch and it just does not feel right? Designer watches are obtainable in so lots of styles and designs that it as easy to have the choice right because it is to have it incorrect. A watch is an accessory that regarded as as a must only but now as time passes by and with numerous designer fashion watches all coming out to please even the most artsy and fashion aware individual, it develop into a must-have for every fashionista. The history of watches started when Dumont requested Cartier to produce a watch fitted for his profession so that he can put it to use whenever he is flying. Soon after, the Santos watch was made obtainable towards the public.Panerai Luminor Base Mens Watch PAM00000 The role of a watch became more of a fashion declaration and an expression of a man personality. They use designer fashion watch as their accessory to show off what ever character they have. Based upon on what you might be trying to find in a watch should rely on the functions and type of watch that you just go for. As a repeated visitor I had to choose a watch that would comfortably swap through time zones with the lowest of fuss. The needs of a common visitor are some what different than those of normal Joe workplace worker. The repeated traveler needs a wrist watch that is easy to change time zones and also being water proof to a degree to safeguard from damage. As any traveller will explain the worst thing you need when on the other side of the planet is to be saddled with a damaged watch and having difficulties to get the time. As a regular traveller Id always advise going for a rubberized or fabric strap on a watch as opposed to the metal bracelet sort strap of numerous fashion watches. The list of fashion accessories is without doubt incomplete and deficient with out timepieces. Primarily used for telling time, the purpose of watches has excelled beyond that boundary. It now a fashion must among the numerous fashion accessories accessible. While, guys used to maintain pocket watches. The traditional design of timepieces that we see and wear today were brought by Louis Cartier. Examples of such watches include ;gondola; created by Patek Philippe and ;Tank; released by Louis Cartier. Amongst the numerous names in the watch market was one of Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constanin. These watches were capable to keep track of lunar phases, months and days.You can see a great deal of Cheap Designer Watches at our web site Panerai Luminor Base Mens Watch PAM00000.

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Panerai Radiomir Mens Watch PAM00210 make use of materials such as simulated gem stones and plated brass for an inexpensive substitute to fine jewellery in fashion events. Costume jewellery replaces gold and pearl with gold plated and pearl effect beads. Before, imitations were not that accepted by people for it lack precious materials, thus makers just make up on the design aspect of the accessory.Designing had been very open that designers got their complete freedom of expressing their selves through the design they make for costume jewellery. Many of them are very well known today like Kenneth Jay Lane, Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. With their contributions, they are able to exposed a wide range of this jewellery and made available on the high streets.Panerai Radiomir Mens Watch PAM00210 Costume jewellery has become a statement of individuality from affordable, stylish and attention grabbing pieces and cocktail rings to outfitters kitsch pendant necklaces. Pieces of costume ornament in every shape, size and style can remind you of the bygone era and you will surely gonna love it. Many people had been very interested in costume jewellery that they does not just collect this items but they are also in designing their own jewellery. It has become very easy for them because there are no problems in materials availability. As long as you have your own facilities for the creation of the stuff, everything that follows are not a problem any more. Today, their work are available on the internet, this are not just about business but an investment for the future of jewellery design. A basis for the next and the coming trend on costume jewellery. Buying the jewellery are now available through the net as well.The jewellery could be a gift for wedding, mothers day and some other special moments for the lady love of our life to step up their womanly charms and an irresistible glamour. The thought of giving gift will definitely show them how much you care for them and appreciated what they have done for you. Costume jewellery can be a great compliment on a family who follows a tradition of handing a jewels. These pieces are affordable and just right to complete your finishing touches for a get up that will make others envy you.Jen Smith is a fashion lover and a collector of costume jewellery. Among her collections are clip on earrings and Panerai Radiomir Mens Watch PAM00210.